Special Monograph published by La Vanguardia

Salut & Vida La Vanguardia interviews Linear Chemicals, S.L.U.

One year since Spain declared the state of alarm for the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, and many things have happened in these 12 months. It has been a year full of suffering for the people who have suffered from the disease, many of them have died, and pain for their families. The way of life of all of us has changed dramatically, permeated with uncertainty over what the post-pandemic future might bring. Here Linear would like to send a message of gratitude to all the partners who, despite the difficulties of the day to day and the personal situations that you may have gone through, have been working together against COVID-19, with a high degree of responsibility and dedication. Linear thank you once again for your effort and support in these past 12 months. On the supply side, Linear is committed to bringing innovative solutions to the market and doing our part in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. On this date, Linear is able to provide affordable, quality COVID-19 testing kits to respond to the Global Epidemic. Recently, Linear has been on the list of SPAIN MOH-APPROVED COVID-19 TEST PROVIDERS through INGESA tender. Get the latest scoop, check out below national newspaper Special Monograph published by La Vanguardia, for an exclusive interview with our CEO Manuel Rodriguez

Linear Chemicals, S.L.U. - La Vanguardia