Colorimetric enzymatic method




This procedure is based upon an improved enzymatic method originally devised to evaluate creatinine in serum and urine. The test is performed in two steps. In the first step creatine is removed  during the first minutes of the preincubation stage of the sample with creatinase. In the second step the addition of creatininase, acting also as the reaction starter, hydrolyzes the creatinine of the sample in the presence of sarcosine oxidase (Sar OD) with production of hydrogen peroxide.


Creatinine + H2O Creatine
Sarcosine + H2O + O2 H2O2 + Glicine + HCHO


The hydrogen peroxide produced from the oxidase reaction is cuantified by a Trinder’s type reaction in which the chromogenic derivative HTIB and 4- aminoantipyrine (4-AA) are condensed in  the presence of peroxidase (POD) to form a red quinoneimine dye.


4-AA + HTIB Red quinoneimine + H2O


The rate of color development is proportional to the concentration of creatinine in the sample.

Available files

KR10150 Creatinine E 5x45 ml
KR10152 Creatinine E 11x45 ml
CT10152 Creatinine E 3x45 ml
CT10155 Creatinine E 12x45 ml