STEL3 – Lyser



STEL 3-Lyser is used on STEL 3 Auto hematology analyzer for for white blood cell counting, differentiating and hemoglobin measurement.


In the process of blood cell counting, red blood cells are dissolved by Lyse and release hemoglobin. Hemoglobin reacts with Lyse; the reaction produces a solution with particular color, so  concentration of the solution can be determined by colorimetric method. At the same time, white blood cells release cytoplasm and shrink; size of solid content, such as, nucleus and granules left  in different types of white blood cells is different. Based on electrical non-conductivity of blood cells, auto hematology analyzer can classify white blood cells into three groups, such as,  lymphocytes, intermediate cells and neutrophils by detecting changes in electrical resistance when suspended particles in electrolyte solution passing through the counting hole.