Glycated HbA1c

Chromatographic determination in tube with preweighted resin of Hemoglobin A1c in blood




The present procedure utilizes a weak binding cation-exchange resin for the rapid separation of glycated hemoglobin A1c from all the other hemoglobins. A hemolyzed preparation of the whole  blood is mixed continuously for 5 minutes with a weak binding cation-exchange resin. During this time, HbA0 binds to the resin. HbA0 consist of all the other hemoglobins except A1c which  remains in solution. After the mixing period, a filter is used to separate the supernatant containing the A1c from the resin. The percent glycohemoglobin is determined by measuring the  absorbance at 415 nm of the A1c fraction and the total hemoglobin fraction. The ratio of the two absorbances gives the percent of HbA1c.

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